Washington Post explains: Even Republicans think the rich aren’t paying their fair share of taxes…


by Denys Picard

A little comment on the Hypocrisy of my fellow Americans…

A Washingon Post article this moning explained that Even the Republicans think the rich aren’t paying their fair share of taxes…

A nation in delusion…if you don’t want to pay taxes, shrink government, especially the deep state structure, the Pentagon; otherwise pay and shut up.

The problem in America is that everyone expects to get always more from government but does not want to pay for it. The retarded-ness of the Republican model (don’t believe the Democrat’s one is better) is believing you shrink government by having government paying subcontractors. If government grows in debt, it is not shrinking. The AHCA was predicted to be even worse at growing government through increased debt than ACA because it was less funded, yet ACA, which only got 16 millions subsidized enrollees, leaving 27 million Americans uninsured, was also already underfunded, and corrupt, filled with people defrauding the system, again. If ACA was to succeed in covering everyone, it would have added more than $250 billion annually to the national debt ($2.5 Trillion over 10 years).

Democrats play “angels” while they doubled the debt load in 10 years under the hospices of Ho! So Mighty God Obama Kachanga!

Most Americans who don’t pay any federal Taxes believe they are taxed too much, and this because they only measure the withholding on their pay check stubs, they don’t factor in their tax refund which usually sends their taxes paid to zero. A country with a People and a leadership of delusional retards which can only find corrupt shenanigans as pseudo solutions to any problem. America…I have had enough…go get loss in your perpetual female culture of corruption and delusion-ement.

And this morning we learn that Trump playing hardball with China, was only so the Kushner Family business could get money from China through a AnBang Insurance company of China deal…And this Fake of a President pretends he is going to clean the Swamp…A leadership of Corrupt Deep State and Leaders, corrupt Wall Street and Corrupt 6 Pointed Star aficionados.


Concerning my article of Monday on the failure of AHCA, and my proposal of Insuring the uninsured through a Medicaid2 initiative…well I might have just figured out why they did not do it. It was never in the cards because it was less corruptible than Obamacare would be, could be.

I am very naive, I always believe leaders are sincere…but I have had enough…take them for what they are…a bunch of larding corrupt obese irresponsible bums!

The other day, the Thursday night before the AHCA was  to be set to rest, we saw a few Vox Populi on TV news, and it didn’t come to me immediately what was dissonant with the presentation, but I think I figured it out now. During interviews of “ordinary” americans, mostly females as usual, the public was asked what they feared the most in the coming months.  And in most instances women were giggling when they were explaining: “…increasing health premiums…”.

I could not understand why they were giggling…and I think I now understand. Obviously, this is an extrapolation…but women being all corrupt, reality must be very close to what flashed in my mind.

What I figured out is happening is that in complicity with women who have registered in the ACA exchange to get subsidies, Health Insurance companies pretend they are raising premiums very quickly, but we very well know that the increases are way higher than the increase costs ACA regulation is creating. And so, I believe that what is happening is a case of double billing. Females are experts at this kind of Fraud.

In the Construction Industry up here in Quebec, females set up these kinds of frauds to launder money, there was a Provincial Commission which inquired into it, so deep and humongous the fraud was. The funny thing, is that with this Commission conclusions, as with most spectacle of this kind, all women involved suddenly become victin and its always the men, which mostly all sound like unsophisticated retards, that supposidly set everything up and FORCE women to particpate AGAINST their will. So even criminal women never have to answer to anything in this great feminist world of ours.

How does it go: Well, first the Insurance company gives you a quote for your Premium; lets say (on an annual basis), you are a single 40 years old female earning 200% the FPL (about $24,600 AGI) in average health (which means fat and retard). The Insurance Company makes you a $7,000 annual Premium for a Low Silver Cost Plan. (It is $7,000 because of the recent hikes in premiums, it was $3,900 only 2 years back). They emit a $7,000 slip for tax purposes. With the Maximum Premium Chart from the ACA law, you should contribute a maximum of 4% of your AGI, which would be 984$. But when time comes of the automatic withdrawals from your bank account, the Insurance Company only draws $501.33 per month. Now, you get from the government a tax subsidy of $6,016 ($7,000 minus $984). And the total of your automatic monthly withdrawals over a year is exactly $6016. And government will never find out. The Insurance company is happy because it gets new clientele (bigger part of the pie in a market where they were losing clientele), and their costs did effectively go up, but not as much as the advertised Premium hikes. Women get free private healthcare, which they like because they are snobs about Medicaid, they don’t want to wait in line, they want more “clean” venues, a an espresso coffee while they are waiting (all the important things that healthcare must deliver) and they don’t want to be close to “losers”…

This was probably the whole plan behind Obamacare, women who wanted private coverage because even if it was urgent they be covered, they absolutely did not want to pay for it, and they did not want to get served by the “low-grade” Medicaid network for “losers”. And they got what they wanted. And this is the reason that 1. The program is a lot costlier than expected; and (twice as much per enrollee); 2. Obama and the Democrats are satisfied the program is complete even if 27 million Americans are still uninsured (because the remainder are not their friends, not good people, except for the 5 million illegal immigrants not yet covered by Medicaid), and from the CBO projections, you can see they did not project they would do anything more except cover more illegal immigrants…

And that is it in this Great America of “ours”…

Obviously, this, while not qualifying as FAKE news, is simply Speculation…I must admit…but a speculation which does not necessitate a large degree of imagination. In the end Obama, and his Dem Friends, wanted to support the Slave trade by helping those employing illegal immigrants get freebie health care for their slaves…and give bonus freebie healthcare without the “inconvenience” of Medicaid, to his group of preferred little female friends. The Feminist Ethics at its Best!

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