Con’s Way Corruption


Or how we do not live in a Democracy anymore

Sometimes, language imagery is so blatant that you avoid making jokes about it, in fear of being perceived as not very imaginative. But after a week of Very Extremely Incredibly Big “Because I am The Best At It” announcements concerning Trump’s future Cabinet, KellyAnn’s presence, by her name alone, sure was a strong signalling device for a certain establishment. And the title of this article directs more to potential future “Con Artists” than to her character. KellyAnn is a marketing agent, not always fully aware of the characteristics of the products she is selling.

Since some of it is still speculation, and still may have to go through the hurdles of Congress’s “approval”, that the Electoral College could have a “change” of mood, that Clinton could “order” some recounts in strategic states, that much of the “Overseas” ballots have not yet been tabulated in those same “States”, that there is such a thing as a designated Survivor and the first of the State of the Union Address has still not come for our new “President”…much of my “observations” are here highly speculative, but it appear that corruption won’t go on a diet yet, and if something is drained, it is more likely that it will again be the “forgotten men’s” bank accounts and the little political power they still hold to.

J & J and Chuck Kushner. Jared Kushner, Son-in-Law of Donald and husband of Ivanka. His Father is Charles Kushner. Charles did prison for tax evasion, election fraud, witness tempering in 2004-2005. Yes, obviously, your usual “Good Guy”. Billionaire or multi-centi-millionnaire, another net worth difficult to establish (between 500 Mils to 2.6 Billions). Jared’s younger brother Joshua, another Ivy League graduate with the usual interest in techno networking. Interests shifted into other venture opportunities among which 500 million invested in a Health Care Insurance start-up that gathered 145,000 clients in a few months with an estimated Capitalized value estimated by Bloomberg at 2,8 billions (that is 500 millions to 2,8 Billions in 3 years), net income at only 95 millions and estimated to be in financial difficulty by Wall Street analysts, on a hurry to sell. One of the most successful Health Care Insurer of ObamaCare program…He just started another start-up (real estate) with his brother. Jared and Joshua are conservatively estimated having a net worth of 200 millions each. Jared is owner of The Observer, therefore a good foot in Propaganda news and signaling. Has many Real estate investments. So the whole trio together could create a Babylonesque back ground of conflicts of interests with Trump the president. Yet Trump wants to give security clearance the Jared and create a new executive position: Special Consultant to the President…and most of the main stream media explains that it would not be ethically disallowd…WRONG. Wrong in Principal and in Law ( here, here, here and here, and ho! this here too…now, put it all together and read my article on Ethics).

Dr. Munchkin (Treasury) and the Wilbur’s Incredible Kappa Beta Phi Circus. Wilbur Ross (Commerce) is anticipated to be named Secretary of commerce. Wilbur used to work for Bill Clinton administration where, among other things he managed the US Russia Investment Fund, funds which are supposed to help countries in need of infrastructural assistance. The fund appear to have been privatised by I don’t know which process around 2007-08 and is now managed (but it is not clear if it still runs) by 2 brothers  (Kinney), the only partners of Delta Partners LLC, headquartered at 545 Fifth avenue in NY. Details are unavailable from a quick search. Bloomberg lists the fund as still active. Delta Partners LLC specializes in restructuring distress concerns. This is also the speciality of Wilbur Ross…it is how he made is fortune. Now, Wilbur also heads a somewhat “secret” Wall Street society named Kappa Beta Phi. This society holds, among other activities fund-raising events for Israel. Many of its known members (only a partial list exists) are also in the special business of reorganizing distress corporations, banks, etc…in fact all this little group is part of those who made BIG money thanks to Obama “saving us from the end of the world” movie and financial reforms.

As for Dr Munchkin, better known as Steven Mnuchin, he bought a distress Bank in 2009 which became West One. Had a special arrangement with the FED and the Obama administration where Government would reimburse much of the losses incurred until 2019. It is estimated, conservatively, that the US government has already paid 500 million dollar to Mnuchin and Friends on a Bank purchase estimated at $900 millions. What is Mnunchin good at…restructuring distressed concerns…and making lots of money thanks to government.

What is Trump really up to?

Just from these 2 appointments we can infer I believe, that traditional “Wall Street Conservative Supply Side economics” is back in force. Under Reagan, Bush the First and the Second, shrinking government was meant to say: …”we will close government offices that we believe are costly, we will sell their assets at fire sale prices to a pre-determined friend of Wall Street, privatize this concern which will offer the same service but at twice the cost, will enter into an exclusive long-term private-government service agreement where this new private company will get exclusive rights to furnish the same services the government was getting from their office.”

So, in the end, government pays twice the price to get the same service. Yes, government employs fewer people, but it must borrow even more to pay for these services that may carry half the quality, since these new services are usually set up by unqualified people who only know how to make easy money!

Yes, Trump definitely knows the “System”…but I am not sure what his Waste Management strategies are.

As for a Country of Laws and his great appreciation of the Constitution and Scalia…obviously, Mr President Elect has not graduated at Law.

Two potential appointees at Intelligence indicate that Mr The Donald, like his “legal partner” Mr Vlad of Siberia, appear to share similarities in confounding a country of Law and Order and a Police Corrupt State.

Take Mr Pompeo, anticipated to be the Next CIA Director, for instance. Mr Pompeo believes that the NSA should get access to all the information they can get their hands on concerning any citizens of their choice, that means everyone. He wants to reinstate the NSA’s power to collect registry information without warrant, and never be in the obligation to erase it (the law that has elapsed required the information to be erased after 6 months). Further, Pompeo believes firmly that this Legalistic Menu should be extended to gather any Financial transaction and any Consumer Transaction of all and any citizen at any time without warrants. That this information be structured by algorithms as to create profiles of risk that would be assigned to every citizen…need I continue.

Retired General Mattis, Potential Secretary of Defense, while quite an original and intriguing mind, believes about the same thing. All people on the Planet that don’t belong to the Deep State (understood as being the Military, Intelligence and Law enforcement agencies of any Western government), are a potential “Enemy of the State” and risk to the “Free World”.


Trump is already drowning in his own Drool.

Author: De-Think-xify

I am a low information, no College Degree Deplorable. I have low social status. I do not carry much authority. I am self-read. Have read on many different subjects which in many cases have excited my curiosity. Never interpret any of my writtings as advice. I am not a professional Journalist, nor a member of any profession. I am currently unemployed. I serve no other interest than my own, maintaining my integrity, and it is only on this basis that I share my reflections with potential readers.

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