Why not Assist Suicide the Prime Minister?

Canada is such proud of being a social progressive country. The latest in its humanistic endeavor is offering Assisted Suicide to a panoply of defenseless people who don’t serve Feminism or the State (In Canada, there is no great difference between the two). For example, Canada is considering expanding the reach of Assisted Suicide Laws to cover emancipated adolescents, or people who suffer from mental illness. Now considering that in Canada, in their great Universities, these centers of “most incredible biggest in the world” intelligence, social science departments affirm that 1 out of 3 persons suffers some kind of mental illness…under this dimension, assisted suicide sure starts to sound more like a technique for political purge…re-engineering the vocabulary once again, of course, another great  Canadian created “soft” science.

I felt such a surge of “emotional empathy” in getting acquainted in these new broad outreach of Canadian humanistic inspiration, that I decided to contribute new groups and insights which could be included in “The Assisted Suicide Project” as to make sure that it offers “equal opportunity”.

Now, the basis for Assisted Suicide is to alleviate suffering of other people in a gesture of absolute  “humanistic emotional empathi(sm)” with this “je ne sais quoi” of a special feminine touch.

For instance, my neighbor is complaining a lot about me, in this way, he is expressing some suffering, therefore complaining neighbors should be part of the characteristics which should be considered in making one eligible for Assisted Suicide.

You girlfriend is not happy with the new Mercedes you bought her for Christmas, because you did not put the extra warming seat option. No doubt she is suffering like hell..and therefore she should have equal access right at Assisted Suicide in order to alleviate her suffering. Of course, you could sign the Request Form yourself, since she is suffering so much, she cannot think for herself.

We can trust women with this cause because they have developed special expertise in the field of alleviating sufferings from pets for more than 2 decades, having taken the veterinary field by storm, making it the official first all feminist industry.

We can, by the same token, admire the “grandness” of “Emotional Intelligence”, its scientific quality as a tool of scientific solution resolving to social sciences such as philosophy, the law, psychology.

For example, a young adolescent attempts suicide. He fails, but for his own protection, he is interned in a psychiatric ward because the law considers he is a danger to himself. The great feminist psychologists (be they male or female) of Canada who work in such institutions will put the youngster on a chemical cocktail that will so much impair him as a human being that thinking process and even simple language become a challenge. Obviously, under such treatment, the youngster may express feelings of unhappiness. Here is the great genius of Canadian Emotional Intelligence Culture, the State has a solution…we can put an end to his misery by Assisting Suicide (or Assist Suiciding, I believe it means about the same) him. It is still not clear though if it’s for the youngster’s happiness or the greater good, but why bother, let’s trust the utilitarian model of Canada’s long proven social justice record.

Effectively, in such an Emblematic bureaucratic process, why would IQ be important in Canada; “gimme mo’ ” Emotional Intelligence anytime.

It is also Emotional Intelligence which is responsible to always only show elderly women as potential voluntary candidate for Assisted Suicide, since politicians (male especially) will only consider that these women are talking from wisdom and self-determination, are experts in the art of suffering and that men requesting them to suffer more would be considered sadistic cruel beings…a qualificative epithet they would not want to carry, accompanied by the usual ‘remorse and guilt”. But what if the VICTIMS of Assisted Suicide turn out to be more often than not, younger men in perfect health that simply don’t think like a uterus.

But let’s let our “Productive Narcissistic” Imagination and Civic sense of “Destructive Creativism” contribute a little bit to the core structured  Emotionalism of this New School of Thought which is Assisted Suicide.

For example, it is not hard to connect the dots…who always complains about suffering all the time, of being victims all the time?…Feminists.

Then, maybe we should give access to Assisted Suicide to all Feminists.

Maybe we could also allow for Mass Assisted Suicide events. Gather 20,000 people in a public place and Mass Assist Suicide them.

Jews are somewhat on the top of suffering worldwide…maybe we could Mass Suicide Assist the jews…that would make sense, a Humanistic Miracle if there is one, appease so much suffering…and since discussion from Canadian authorities are considering not consulting some mentally ill patient concerning their own ‘assisted suicide’ for fear of having them suffer even more, maybe we would not have to tell Jews we plan on Mass Assist “Suiciding” them.

And in this sense, should not the Onus of Probability be on the Suicidee instead of the Suicider in proving that he is not Unhappy. This could render great services to humanity in that for example, the Jewish People, as a People, could come to terms with their suffering, and make the argument that they are very very very happy and in fact have never suffered as long as History can remember.

In fact, one could also request for a Third-party for Assisted Suicide on the pretext of Past Suffering. Current happiness could simply be a curtain, by a potential Suicidee, to avoid Assisted Suicide. Prove me that your current Happiness is bigger than the sum of all your past suffering, otherwise you will have to go to Assisted Suicide.

Further more, we could help Politicians in Difficulty, for example: your Prime Minister is really going down the drain in the polls, he is having a hard time…we could have Politician Assisted Suicide Day, where we could pull up a surprise on the Prime Minister by appeasing his suffering…and then again, without inflicting the pain of warning him of the goodies awaiting him…

Ah! Canada…what a great extremely incredible biggest most sensational at the forefront country.

Author: De-Think-xify

I am a low information, no College Degree Deplorable. I have low social status. I do not carry much authority. I am self-read. Have read on many different subjects which in many cases have excited my curiosity. Never interpret any of my writtings as advice. I am not a professional Journalist, nor a member of any profession. I am currently unemployed. I serve no other interest than my own, maintaining my integrity, and it is only on this basis that I share my reflections with potential readers.

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