Donald and His Amazing PIMP Team or Team of Pimps!

Borrowed from internet searches…all copyrights belong to the authors and not to me, use under the common license when available, I guess…there is such wonderful anonymous collage work on the internet…it appears it is the only news which is Not Fake News these days…fake news for fake politicians, indeed, do they deserve anything better…





The Secret Love Affair between Mitt and Donald
Now, Barack can go on Being Who he Really always Was
Will the REAL PIMP please Rise Up!
Pimpin the Obamas
At The Annual Pimp-O-Land Academy Awards
Donald is taking a like to those endless Cabinet meetings
Donald’s new Cabinet (Oups!, wrong Fake Background)








The New Addition

Les arriérés

Author: De-Think-xify

I am a low information, no College Degree Deplorable. I have low social status. I do not carry much authority. I am self-read. Have read on many different subjects which in many cases have excited my curiosity. Never interpret any of my writtings as advice. I am not a professional Journalist, nor a member of any profession. I am currently unemployed. I serve no other interest than my own, maintaining my integrity, and it is only on this basis that I share my reflections with potential readers.

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